The Story of Adopting a Baby Labrador Puppy for the First Time

I showed this to my 6 weeks old lab….he started shouting at my iPad

The Story of Adopting a Baby Labrador Puppy for the First Time

One of the most common house pets in the world is Labrador retrievers. They were working dogs in Newfoundland and a Canadian province near the Atlantic. The Labradors were distinct due to their smooth coats and smaller size.

Labradors have affection and loveable energy, especially the baby Labrador, especially the baby labrador.

Adopting a new baby dog is the most exciting feeling. We found this baby Labrador and immediately fell in love with it. Little paws touching my hands give me an incredible feeling.

The Story of Adopting a Baby Labrador Puppy for the First Time

Right on the first day, the little dog became the brightness of the house. I have many dogs that do not accept the owner initially. They do various tantrums such as no food, no interaction, no barking, and no tail wagging, But, the dog didn’t feel awkward at all and accepted us lovingly.

From holding hands to eating food from our hands. Baby Labrador is our heartbeat now and became proud, part of a family, and the most loved boy! He was terrific in every way, beyond intelligence and the highlight of our every day.

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The way our baby Labrador walks, eats food, runs after me, plays with his toys, and scratches almost everything. It is all so mesmerizing and takes away all the tension of our life.

If you haven’t had a dog ever. Plan for adopting one. This is the best thing you could do to yourself as they are emotional support animals. They can heal us in different ways. Trust me this little dog has changed my life in different ways right from day one. Therefore, just do not think much and adopt one of the best things you could ever give yourself to stay happy.


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