Senior Homeless Dog Rescue Just Before A Rainstorm

The moment he stepped down on the floor, the whole world was brighter.

Senior Homeless Dog Rescue Just Before A Rainstorm

“Howl Of A Dog” rescuers noticed this homeless dog on side of a busy street and rescue him right before a massive rainstorm.

The team of rescuers was passing through a busy road, suddenly they saw an abandoned dog on side of the busy road. They stopped their car to save the senior homeless dog.

The homeless dog barked at them but a few moments later, he turned from defensive to curious. The rescuer tries to get closer to the Homeless dog but he was still cautious. But, at the same time, it felt like he was trying to ask for help.

Senior Homeless Dog Rescue Just Before A Rainstorm

The senior homeless dog was very close to the busy road, where cars kept passing. They decided to gain his trust first, so he wouldn’t make any sudden movements or run towards the road. They gave some food to the dog. The change in his face from sadness to a confident happy dog, brilliant.

Saving a dog may not change the world, but the world surely did change for him. His eyes look like they hold the whole world, he deserves all the love. This was so precious.

They named the homeless dog “Mowgli,” a little dog in a big jungle. Watch Mowgli’s full rescue story below.


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