Salsa Dance Steps For Beginners

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Salsa Dance Steps For Beginners

Basic salsa dance steps are essential for beginners. If you are a fan of salsa, you will get motivated. You feel like practice daily. Julie Merrill and Anthony Persaud are hosts to teach the basics. They are happy to train people across the world.

They explain that you need to master the steps before moving on to another. The people should do at their phase. They begin with one timing training. It is known as the Los Angeles style. Salsa has eight main counts.

Salsa Dance Steps For Beginners

Practice the essential steps with the dancing partner. Take the left hand to hold your partner’s hand. Place your right hand on the partner’s back. The lead pushes forward, and the partner follows the steps. Suppose you are new, ask the partner (Follow) if she feels the lead. You might adjust the intensity.

They teach a right turn step in salsa basics. Place the left foot forward. Turn the right leg; the right leg will move in the opposite direction. It would help if you used the body momentum. The clockwise finish the step. Combine this step with the basic eight steps.

Use a cross-body lead during the combined steps. To start with cross-body lead, start with left foot forward. Take the right foot on the right side. Open up the left foot, ensuring that there is space for the partner. Point left foot towards the partner. Get right foot at the neutral position.

A good partner is essential. Many leads don’t realize the importance of the push and pull

Salsa Dance Steps For Beginners

They teach cross-body lead in turn. Take the right foot back. Get back the foot and place the left foot forward. Turn left foot and get the right in a neutral position. Move the two-foot together counter-clockwise 180 degrees. Come into a neutral position to repeat.

The next step is cross-body lead turn partnering. Instead of using right, you use Shanay’s turn. Next, cross-body lead 180 degrees. It is 180 degrees because you move in a circle halfway. Move your feet 180 degrees across the partner. It is when the partner goes into the second cross-body lead.

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