Rescue of a Frightened Homeless Dog With a Broken Soul

Poor old Bobi, he has such a gentle soul.

Rescue of a Frightened Homeless Dog With a Broken Soul

It is often said that a dog is a man’s best friend. What is unknown is that the owner is the dog’s whole world. Everyone finds it extremely easy to trust and believe a dog. A dog also reciprocates this feeling of attachment to its owner. The only difference is a dog shall do it loyally until the end of time.

Bobi was not always a homeless dog. He was accustomed to spending his time living the best of his life with his owner. He loves him dearly and always wants to spend more time with him. However, with time the owner lost his heart and let Bobi go. He preferred to take care of his family over Bobi.

Rescue of a Frightened Homeless Dog With a Broken Soul

Bobi spent a lot of time in this scary world all alone, learning this new way of life that was forced on him. Bobi found it hard to trust humans and their practices. He survived this brutal new way of life, but barely.

He was hurt in numerous ways, and this cruel world even cost him his left eye. We found Bobi in a deserted alley. We tried to help him, but he was scared and was unwilling to trust another human being again. He ran away as he saw us.

When he approached the rescuer he was asking for help. So very sad to see that pain in the dog’s eyes. Such a beautiful animal. So deserving of love and a safe place.

Rescue of a Frightened Homeless Dog With a Broken Soul

The pain and the sting of betrayal were clearly visible in his eyes. After a long chase of over ten miles, Bobi wandered over to the train tracks and would not allow us to care for him or his safety. Finally, tired and hungry, Bobi decided to trust us and come toward the treats we had in store.

We gave him the care he deserved and all the medical treatments he needed. Bobi is a sweet and obedient dog. But the things he went through were something that no dog should ever have to go through. Losing an eye, the pain all through his limbs, losing his owner he loved deeply, and above all, his ability to trust in another human being.

Despite Bobi’s age, he is a fun and loving dog. He is inquisitive and loves to mingle with younger puppies and other dogs. It took Bobi a long time to trust us. He was always guarded initially. However, we are finally seeing glimpses of a carefree Bobi now. No dog should ever be forced to leave and turn into a homeless dog. They are loyal, loving and deserve to be cherished until the end of time.


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