Quick Change Artist Léa Kyle’s Breathtaking Performance on AGT Live Shows

This isn’t just a quick change act, its magic and artistry.

Léa Kyle's Breathtaking Performance on AGT Live Shows
Léa Kyle's Instagram

Léa Kyle, the 25-year-old quick-change artist, delivers an incredibly quick-change performance on the beautiful Dolby Theater stage at AGT live shows episode tonight.

The French magician got Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer after her breathtaking audition on America’s Got Talent. Lea deserved the golden buzzer. And no sob story, either. Just a sincere, personable, lovely, relatively shy young woman with a dream and such sublime talent to express that.

Watch: Léa Kyle’s Golden Buzzer Performance on AGT audition.

Léa Kyle designed all of those dresses herself. If she uses her quick-change show, to market these dresses, she’s gonna be more successful than most fashion designers we know today.

All AGT judges praise her incredible performance on AGT live show at Dolby Theater. Léa was excited to meet Heidi, and not only did she, but she got the golden buzzer from her! Very well deserved, I can’t stop watching her on the Semi-Final. So baffled.

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