Feel the Jazz With This Lindy Hop Dance Performance

Awesome! In addition to the technique, we can see how happy they are.

The tale of dancing dates back to the very birth of time and existence. Some do it as a profession, while others dance to alleviate pain. Dancing has no bounds. It is where many find solace and happiness. Who knew that the beautiful tunes of jazz and swing would help us find comfort?

The days are long and tedious. The men of the village bending over backward to provide for their families. Women waiting for their men to come home just enough to spend some time with their loved ones. Arguments and tensions fuelling the fire and happiness showing no signs.

Forgetting their turmoil, the members of this lovely town whisked off their friends and family to the local town watering hole. Spending the night with rich conversations and happy thoughts and some lovely tunes helped them forget all about their troubles. An elderly gentleman across the bar stood up and confidently walked towards his beautiful wife as the lovely swing band fondled with their instruments.

They had the attention of the whole bar on them. This lovely old man bent a bit and asked his wife to join him for a dance. The woman who spent the entire day alone did not take a minute to think. She stood and followed the man she loved so dearly and joined him for a dance in the very center of the lovely room.

The band that was meant to play a slow song jazzed up their beats and played a short and fast-paced song. However, the old couple was not disheartened by the lack of support. In fact, they embraced the young and fun-loving music. They swung their hips however well they could and danced while laughing till their hearts were content.

The whole room that had their eyes on this lovely couple saw their happiness and decided to indulge. They joined them and danced until they could no longer stand as well. This was a form of dancing that did not require practice or one that was governed by norms. It was simply one that made everybody forget their misery.

These lovely couples perform the Lindy hop dance. This stunning form has evolved with time and is performed at every happy occasion that one spends with friends and family, simply the best form yet. One can have fun and feel free without being judged while doing the Lindy hop dance.

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