Little Kittens Rescued From An Abandoned House

So tiny and cute! And good job for saving kittens!

The YouTuber Hannah feder receives a call from someone she knew and receives the information that some little kittens are lying helpless in some tire in the abandoned house. She feels really bad, those little kittens have to go through all this so she decides to rescue those little kittens.

little kitten

After receiving the information, she rushes down to the abandoned house to rescue the little kittens. When she arrived in the abandoned house she saw a stray cat which seems to be the mother of those little kittens but she doesn’t see any little kittens around her.

That was so cute when she was feeding the milk to the kitten the other kitten fell down in the background.

kitten rescued

From the information that she received from some lady that she knows, those little kittens might be in some tire near the abandoned house so she starts to search around the property. She doesn’t want the kittens to be afraid so she parks the car and starts the search on foot.

kitten rescued

After searching for a while in the abandoned property, she found three cute little kittens lying helpless in some old tire. Hannah is so happy to rescue the kittens, she holds the cute little kittens and examines if they are injured, but they seem ok from outside.

Those three little kittens seems to be starving for days, so she takes them kittens and puts them in the box in her car. She took those little kittens home, but those little kittens might be having diarrhea as they litter all over the box, they are kept in. after that she weight the little kittens and make the formula for them according to their weight and feed them.

kitten rescued

The kittens seem to be very hungry and drink the formula she made. She holds the kittens in a special position so that it wouldn’t affect the kittens.

After all the kittens are full in their belly, they seem to be more active now and playing with each other. The little kittens need help in urinating and defecating. So Hannah kindly rubs them in their private parts, so that she can stimulate them in urinating.

Hannah is such a nice soul to rescue those little kittens and giving them a new and better life. She also promises to rescue the mother cat soon. Those little kittens are now safe and happy. Such stories restore our faith in humanity.

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