Brilliant Performance By Hunter Metts At American Idol

He is so unique.

Brilliant Performance By Hunter Metts At American Idol
Hunter Metts-American Idol

Hunter Metts performs on the song” Chandler” by Sia on American Idol. The voice of Hunter is beautiful and undeniable, who brings brilliant performance. He sang with his fantastic guitar with cheerfulness. The style of singing is engaging, which will give positive vibes. He is self-aware of the volume range; the audience can feel the notes of his voice.

The way he delivered the lyric was touching. Hunter has shaped the music with his creative style. He has been confident and intelligent to accept the feedback. The judges are thrilled with his body posture and significant expression of emotions. The pitch of the words was sharp, which resulted in an incredible performance.

Hunter Metts is delighted to have a conversation with Jewel at American Idol. Jewel is giving honest advice on learning long notes. Hunter needs to invest effort in his quality of vocals. Jewels teach him to form harmony at the higher notes. Jewel wants to have a significant vocal movement at a show; she is not satisfied with him. Hunter is a little worried, but he passionately shows confidence.

Brilliant Performance By Hunter Metts At American Idol

They perform a duet on the legendary song” Who Will Save Your Souls” by Jewel. Hunter complements the voice and pitch of Jewel. Jewel sings with enthusiasm, with her guitar performance having a level of great confidence. The smiles and slight body movements have helped them to build a natural flow. The energy level is consistent while changing the notes. They have ended their performance like a friendly conversation with deep eye contact.

As per the judges, he has an undeniable voice whether he has a good or unpleasant night. The chosen song has been suitable for his talent and singing skills. They want him to be comfortable to lean forward. He has the same qualities as superstars. One judge sensed some fear in his eyes. He does not need to judge against the competitors but improve on the performance.


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