Grace Kinstler & Alyssa Wray’s Duet Performance on ‘American Idol’

This performance was INSANE.

This performance was INSANE. #Music #Singing #AmericanIdol #Duet #Songs
Grace Kinstler and Alyssa Wray at American Idol Audition

Powerhouse vocalists Grace Kinstler paired with Alyssa Wray, for a duet performance on American Idol. Their Amazing performance stunned all the 3 judges of American Idol.

Alyssa Wray, an 18-year-old singer from Kentucky and Grace Kinstler, a 20-year-old from Chicago, deliver a duet performance of “Grenade” by Bruno Mars. Before their duet, Wray said she and Kinstler wanted to give one another their moments.

American Idol judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and, Luke Bryan, praise their performance. Lionel Richie said ‘That was an unbelievable performance,’ Luke Bryan asked Lionel Richie that you’ve ever been in a place “with singers like that?”

CHILLS AND HEART PALPITATIONS! They killed this by showing restraint, in the beginning, to let it grow and grow into the HUGE note and high harmony, rocking out a little and bringing it back down. They sounded amazing together. That last harmony line was very creative too.

Grace Kinstler’s voice was next level. Very few female artists can hit that range. GAGA, FLORENCE, MENZEL, RIHANNA, BEYONCE & maybe a few others in the game have that range. Both Alyssa and Grace were phenomenal. The top-notch talent this year and the best this show has ever seen no doubt.

Honestly, in my opinion, after that amazing performance together, their lives and careers just took a huge leap into changing forever! ” Raw and brilliant talent!”

American Idol just created the next “supergroup”. Damn, those two are good together. I could see them having a long career as a duet, doing exactly what they just did, playing off of each other’s strengths.

Grace and Alyssa are such a breath of fresh air, beautiful and they can SING/SANG, however, you want to say it! Damn, y’all killed it! The judges got it right with this duet and blown away by how powerful this performance was.

Watch Grace Kinstler & Alyssa Wray’s amazing duet Performance below.


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