Precious Moment of Cute Baby Playing with His Sister

The bond between brothers and sisters is unimaginable.

Cute Baby Playing with His Sister

Siblings’ love is the gift of God. It is at its peak during childhood. One of the cutest siblings’ love moments has been captured by their mother when a baby playing with his adorable sister reaches to next level. He tried to hug his sister while playing.

He just learned how to sit on the floor and she reached out to him by equally sitting on the floor. She tries to rub her nose with him and bring her face near him. He responded innocently by rubbing his nose and jumping up to hug his sister.

With his cute small hands, he opens his arms for a passionate hug. It seems like he is flying with his wings while sitting. With heart-melting feelings, he sticks to her in a hug for a moment. She also brings him close to her and gives him a tight hug while the baby playing with his best friend.

Maybe his feelings were still left to tell, so he again started pop-up jumps to reach out for another hug. She murmured something showing affection and love for her brother and hugged her again. Their love is so heartwarming and precious. God knows how much he may be missing her sister.

“Come! Come! Come…” is the call from this sweet little girl. Maybe he was focusing on her words, so she touches his shoulder to make him understand his call. Now he understands this call and reaches out once more for a long hug. He reaches out to this extent that it’s hard for him to sit back.

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They are so involved in their hug game that not even little girls know that they are being filmed by their mother. Credit goes to their mother for capturing such a beautiful moment on camera when the baby is playing.

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