Christina Daugherty & Chayce Beckham Emotional Duet on ‘American Idol’

His voice is incredible!!!

Christina Daugherty & Chayce Beckham Emotional Duet on 'American Idol'
Christina Daugherty & Chayce Beckham at 'American Idol'

Powerhouse vocalists Christina Daugherty paired with Chayce Beckham, for a duet performance on American Idol. Their astounding performance surprise the judges of American Idol.

During Hollywood Duets Week’s performance, Christina Daugherty & Chayce Beckham sings a breathtaking duet of “July,” by Noah Cyrus ft. Leon Bridges.

Christina Daugherty, a 28-year-old singer-songwriter, and high school English teacher from Tennessee. She is also known by her stage name “Redd.” Christina’s name is coincidentally similar to previous American Idol participant Chris Daughtry!

Chayce Beckham, a 24-year-old singer from Apple Valley, CA. Chayce usually sings, but he also plays the guitar pretty well. Chayce Beckham’s impressive cover of “What Brings Life Also Kills” by Kolton Moore and The Clever Few was so amazing that brings him to the Hollywood Week of American Idol.

Chayce & Christina, both sounded so great together. Both voices are so rough around the edges, and they worked out every moment, this was a wonderful performance.

Christina has so much more character and story-teller quality in her voice than others who are going through. Kinda shocked that they both did not go through. They complimented each other so well. Sounded amazing together.

Their performance goes viral on YouTube, one of his biggest fans says “Chayce has been outstanding since his audition. I’m still wanting to hear his best of the best vocal and performance. It’s so easy to follow him. Christina was a better vocalist and partner than some who made it to the next round. It was a bad idea to let her go. She and Chayce complimented one another and their chemistry was great. There was a budding romance going on-and maybe it will continue.”

Watch Christina Daugherty & Chayce Beckham’s amazing Hollywood Week Duet performance on ‘American Idol,’ below.


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