A Cute Cow in Love With The Accordion

The accordion was good, the bells player was brilliant.

cute cow

A cute cow is loving the sound of the accordion and is fascinated by the peaceful and beautiful music produce by the old men with accordion. The cow is grazing on the hillside and an old man with the accordion produces very beautiful music and cows grazing in the area are attracted towards it.

cute cow

In a peaceful and beautiful hilly area full of greenery, cows are grazing with the bell in their neck, which is producing small sounds when they move. On that hill, an old man with an accordion in his hand is playing beautiful music and cows grazing on that beautiful hills are very happy to listen to that sound.

cute cow

Those cute cows approach the old man playing music with grace and embrace the beauty of the music. They listen to the music peacefully while some of the cows are still grazing in the field. the old man who plays the accordion is very happy that the cows are loving his music.

cute cow

The old man is trying to attract the cows with the music of the accordion, and cute cows grazing in that hills with magnificent views are enjoying the grass along with the music. One cute cow even approaches the old man and it seems it is very fascinated by the accordion and its music.

I can’t believe people don’t get THIS IS A DUO where the cow is adding the bell sound. Just pay attention to the ending, that was amazing.

The old man is playing the accordion and producing beautiful music with it and cows in the fabulous green hills are having the best time. The old man is also happy that the cows are enjoying his music.

cute cow with girl

It shows the great relationship between the old man and those cute cows and how good music can change the mood of not only human beings but also the cows and other animals. Cows are having a great moment and the old man is happy to provide that moment to cows.


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