15 Spring Fashion Trends You Must Try

Everything looks awesome! Great picks

Spring Fashion Trends

Though it was a very quiet year for the fashion world, this springtime unveiled some trendy and beautiful designs. Flat Sandals, Gisselle Classic Pumps, One Shoulder Sweater Dress, High Halter Tank dominated Fashion Weeks over the last few weeks.

 Spring Fashion Trends
Athena Flat Sandals

Who else is ready for SPRING?! I’m so ready for some spring fashion!! In this video, Shea shares some great wearable spring trends, shoes, clothing haul, essentials & must-haves spring fashion trends. You’ll love those aphrodite heel sandals, the black and the white. The Aphrodite and Thalia sandals look great. Here are 15 spring fashion trends you would love to wear in this spring season.

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